Kids’ Cooking Camps

Half and Full Day Camps



Camps are for ages 9-15.
Kids that know how to cook are healthier, happier, more confident, and a huge help at home!

In a world where fast food reigns supreme, we’re turning up the heat and igniting a culinary revolution! Welcome to our Kids Cooking And Baking Camps, where we’re empowering the next generation of kitchen superheroes to wield their spatulas with confidence and conquer the art of cooking from scratch! Led by local culinary legends in our epic 3000 square foot culinary wonderland, each camp is a high-octane adventure through the tantalizing world of whole foods and scratch cooking! Get ready to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of flavor, as your child discovers the magic of fresh ingredients and the thrill of culinary creativity!

But that’s not all! Our state-of-the-art facility is a culinary playground where your little chef will explore new tastes, master essential life skills, and unleash their culinary genius in a safe and supportive environment! From whipping up mouthwatering baked delights to crafting culinary masterpieces that’ll make your taste buds sing, each camp is a journey of discovery and empowerment! And with each camp boasting its own unique theme, your child will unlock a treasure trove of culinary skills, from perfecting the art of cake decorating to mastering the secrets of gourmet cooking! 

So say goodbye to bland, processed meals and hello to a world of culinary delight! Sign up now and watch as your child transforms into a fearless “young chef,” armed with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to create amazing foods that’ll leave you begging for seconds! Get ready to taste the excitement! 

10 Reasons every child should learn how to cook with us:

  • Build important life skills for children that parents may not have time to teach
  • Grow relationships with Instructors and other children
  • Gain an appreciation for real food and nothing over-processed
  • Cut down on picky eating by introducing many different foods and preparation techniques
  • Develop fine motor skills with hands-on preparation
  • Follow instructions and learn how to read and change recipes
  • Use kitchen math and convert measurements properly by weight and volume
  • Strengthen self-sufficiency, responsibility, and helpfulness at home
  • Accomplishment through practice in a creative outlet
  • Improve self-esteem with a fun and engaging, interactive experience

How It Works:

  • Our camps are usually 4 days and approximately 4 hours a day
  • Our Chef Instructors demonstrate, guide, coach, and support your child
  • Students learn proper food handling and safety techniques
  • Students work individually and in groups while preparing a large variety of foods hands-on
  • Students get to eat what is prepared in class, so there is no need to pack a snack
  • We teach how to use kitchen equipment, cookware, and everything else needed to be proficient in the kitchen
  • We supply all food, ingredients, a hat, and an apron. Soft drinks are available for purchase during classes. Filtered water is free.

Upcoming Kids’ Cooking Camps:

Enrollment ends 1 day before class! Please call us after that to request late enrollment.

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