We Are Reinventing Virtual Cooking Classes!

We offer virtual cooking classes and private group events and parties for adults or children right in your own kitchen via Zoom! Learn how to cook some of the world’s most delicious dishes in a private cooking class all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Date nights, corporate team building, birthday, and dinner parties will never be the same!

You Get Live Step-By-Step Cooking And Coaching Tips

Our Chef will offer cooking tips, tricks, coaching, stories, and knowledge! Ask all the questions you want! Our Professional Chef will cook right alongside you while watching and coaching you along as you complete a meal together. You’ll be able to see and interact with others in your group as well!

Learn How To Prepare The Most Delicious International Dishes

Choose from any of our international cuisine cooking classes or tell us what you want to learn and we will create a class to fit your needs. From America to Italy and beyond, you can take a culinary tour of the world without leaving the comfort of your own kitchen!

Our Classes Are Fun, Interactive, Hands On, And Entertaining!

Follow along, ask questions, interact with each other, and have fun! Our classes are live!

What Technology Will You Need?

It’s Simple! All you need is a PC, laptop or tablet with sound, a built-in camera, and a highspeed internet connection.

What Ingredients Will You Need?

We will email you a link to your group’s dedicated web page. This page will include recipes for your class so you can decide which ingredients you will need to purchase, equipment and cookware needs, and pre preparation instructions. Local groups can pick up ingredients prior to class at our school if desired.


Our Chefs are professional, entertaining, experienced, and knowledgeable in all areas of cooking and pastry arts. We love to teach others while providing a fun interactive experience, and it shows!


  • Personalized and convenient assistance with planning your class from menu and recipes to shopping lists
  • Friendly and Professional technical support through the entire process
  • 1 1/2 hour interactive cooking class with our professional Chef via Zoom
  • Personalized step-by-step coaching and instruction by our Chef
  • Question and answer sessions and breakout room capability
  • A professionally produced fun, entertaining, and interactive experience with an amazing meal at the end of class
  • A recording of your class to view again and again
  • We can place your logo on screen, run a video prior to class, or customize your experience for a small fee
  • We can accommodate large groups up to 500 plus


Just call us at 865-335-9370 or email us at jalunnijr@gmail.com. You can visit our web site at www.thecuttingedgeclassroom.com for more information about our Cooking School.

We will assist you with booking information, and anything else you need!

Taste a sample of what our live-streaming Virtual Group Classes are all about!

Our Virtual Private Classes are fun AND Delicious!

Choose from The Menu Below or Allow Us To Custom Create The Perfect Class For Your Group!

Authentic French Macarons

Ever wonder how French Pastry Chefs create such beautiful Patisserie confections? You will learn how in this fun and interactive virtual class. Our Chef will teach you the art and science behind macaron making including our best tips and tricks for successful macarons. We’ll cover how to mix, pipe, and bake the cookie shells as well as making our most popular seasonal filling flavors. Best of all you will end up with delicious macarons top enjoy at home.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Take a pizza lovers trip to Chicago in this fun virtual and interactive pizza making class. We will dive “Deep” into how to make the dough, stretch and shape it to make the perfect crust. Then our Chef will demonstrate how to prepare an amazing sauce to compliment our pizzas. You will get to practice making our own pizza with toppings. Then into the oven for a perfect delicious deep dish pizza!

Hibachi Techniques

Do you enjoy watching Hibachi Chefs work their magic on that griddle in your favorite Japanese Restaurant? Would you like to learn how to prepare your very own hibachi using the freshest ingredients and techniques that will result in a delicious Japanese inspired meal that your entire family can enjoy at home? Then lets get our Hibachi on! Our Chef Instructor will walk you through an amazing menu of fried rice, noodles, sweet carrots, shrimp, hibachi vegetables, and beef tenderloin while sharing tips, tricks, and techniques!

Authentic Ramen

Take a culinary journey to the streets of Japan in this fun, interactive, virtual ramen making class. There will be no crunchy noodles and flavor packets here! Our Chef will teach you how to make hand crafted ramen noodles, that delicious broth, and all the toppings and accompaniments to create authentic ramen bowls that the entire class will enjoy!

The Menu

Fresh Ramen Noodles

Pork Ramen

Marinated Ramen Eggs

Assorted Toppings

Mastering Authentic Tamales

Are you craving some authentically delicious tamales? Take a culinary trip to Mexico and learn everything there is to know about tamale making in this fun, interactive, virtual class! We will start by preparing a delicious chili pepper sauce to compliment our tamales. Then our Chef will show you how to prepare delicious fillings for both a savory and a sweet tamale. We will make the perfect masa for our tamales, spread it all over some corn husks, roll, steam and best of all eat! In this class you will learn all there is to know about tamale making so you can make your own at home! 

Favorite Asian Dumplings From Scratch

Are you craving some freshly made authentic dumplings? Then join us for this fun, hands on, and interactive cooking class! Addictive and flavorful, Asian dumplings are an international favorite. Learn how to make some of the most popular dumplings from China, Japan, and Korea as our Chef guides you through five approachable recipes he developed just for home cooks. We will create tasty fillings, prepare our own dumplings, and discover multiple cooking techniques from poaching in a delicious ginger broth to frying and steaming. Plus, learn how to prepare some easy dipping sauces to pair with your dumplings!

The Menu

Fresh dumpling dough

Assorted Dim Sum

Dipping Sauces

Artisan Bread baking

Learn how to bake delicious artisan breads in this fun and interactive virtual class lead by our expert bread baking Instructor. You will learn about the different flours and how they change the texture and flavor of your fresh bread, the science behind yeast and proofing, kneading techniques, forming, and baking breads. This class is perfect for beginner to novice bread bakers. If you have always wanted to know how to bake delicious breads at home this is the class for you! You will learn how to bake classic Dutch oven bole and ciabatta bread.

Authentic Cajun

Enjoy a culinary tour of New Orleans without leaving your kitchen! No dish celebrates the spirit of The Big Easy like jambalaya. This legendary Creole dish has origins from Spain and France and has come to be a favorite of people living in and visiting New Orleans!​ In this classic Creole cooking class, our Chef will work alongside of you while you prepare traditional dishes that will excite your taste buds and bring you right to The French Quarter!

The Menu


Bananas Foster

Authentic Ravioli Pomodoro

Ravioli is a delicious stuffed pasta that originated in Italy around the 14th century. In this class you will learn how to make a semolina egg pasta dish with an amazing cheese filling and sauce. You will need to have plenty of room in your kitchen to knead and roll out your fresh pasta.


The Menu

Semolina Pasta Dough

Four Cheese Ravioli Pomodoro

Mastering Sushi

Learn how to prepare beautiful expertly crafted sushi rolls in this fun interactive class! If you’ve wanted to explore sushi making, this is your chance to learn the art of designing and rolling like a pro. During the class our Chef will Zoom into your kitchen and together you’ll create two different types of sushi rolls along with perfect sushi rice and all the fillings.  At the end of your cooking course you and your friends will have an authentic Japanese meal to enjoy with your group. 

The Menu

Perfect Sushi Rice     Sushi Roll Fillings

Mixing Wasabi     Philly Roll

Chefs Special Roll


Seafood Paella

Learn how to prepare Spain’s national dish in this fun and interactive class! Paella is not only delicious but also incredibly beautiful! Making paella is an art with perfectly al dente rice and that characteristic caramelized crust.

The Menu

Traditional Seafood Paella

Shrimp Stock

Spanish Salad

Authentic Italian Gnocchi

Learn from our Italian Chef and enjoy A fun and interactive class while preparing light, fluffy, and delicious gnocchi! We will guide you through the complete process of making the dough, rolling, cutting, cooking, and finishing your gnocchi. We will also prepare two sauces to accompany our meal!

The Menu

Authentic Gnocchi

Brown Butter, Sage, And Prosciutto Sauce

Choice of:

Marinara Sauce, Basil Pesto, or Mediterranean

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