Welcome To The Cutting Edge Classroom Online!

Instructor: Chef John Alunni

Demonstration/Hands On

Athene Virtual Cooking Class

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 from 5:00PM – 6:30PM EST


Here is what you need to know to get ready:

Class Preparation

You can use the recipe as your shop list for the ingredients. Prior to class start as described in the recipe preparation section.

Our online classes are best viewed using a device with a large screen such as a laptop or tablet. It will be much more difficult to see and enjoy on a smartphone.



Scroll Below to Register:



Day of webinar:

Join the class early and get set-up.  There will be a one-time download at the beginning for the Zoom app.

Once you have opened the Zoom app, select the Join With Computer Audio selection.

Get your utensils, ingredients, etc. ready to go. For the best class experience, prior to class, start as described in the recipe preparation section..  

The class experiece is best with a device that has a larger screen such as a laptop or tablet. 

Test the meeting connection to make sure everything works. Screen, microphone, camera.

If you are having connection issues, contact our LIVE tech support provided by Elkmont Media at 865.309.4331. You can call or text.

Use the attached recipe to shop for your ingredients.

Click the Image Below to View, Download or Print Ingredient List, Recipes, and Instructions

What to Expect with our Virtual Live-Streaming Cooking Classes

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