001/2019 Master Chef JR Program Enrollment


Our Master Chef Jr program is a unique opportunity for students to master the basic culinary skills and techniques needed to embark on a lifetime love of cooking and self sufficiency. This program is designed to build a solid foundation of cooking and food knowledge. (Ages 9-15) Pay the $75 enrollment fee to reserve a spot in our next group rotation and to receive your 20% off coupon to use toward block one and two.

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A great way for your child to achieve learning goals!

Our Master Chef Jr program is a unique opportunity for students to master the culinary skills and techniques needed to embark on a lifetime love of cooking and self sufficiency while building a solid foundation in cooking and food knowledge.

10 ways your child will benefit from this program:

Your Child will:

  • Learn valuable life skills
  • Build relationships with instructors and other children
  • Gain an appreciation for real food
  • Get away from picky eating
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Improve on how to follow instruction
  • Practice reading comprehension
  • Practice math
  • Be more creative 
  • Learn skills that will help Mom and Dad at home

When you enroll you are making a commitment to us and your child that you will complete both blocks for a total of 20 classes.   

The program consists of 2 blocks of 10 classes each. These classes will be offered on Monday evenings for (Group A) and Tuesday evenings for (Group B). Upon enrollment, each student receives a folder with a tracking sheet and space to keep recipes and other class materials. Just bring this folder to class each day and we will track your child’s progress. Children must start the program with Block 1. 

When you pay the $75 program enrollment fee, we will email you a coupon code for 20% off the class block price! Then you may purchase both blocks to reserve your child’s spot in class.


The deadline for payment and enrollment for Block 2 is during week 9 of classes. Failure to meet the deadline or to make other arrangements with us will result in your child being dropped from the program.     

Upon completion of both blocks students will receive:

  • A Chef Jacket
  • A Chef Hat
  • A Chef and Paring Knife set
  • A Certificate of Completion 

Required skills (20):

Block 1:

  1. Knife safety/skills/basic cuts
  2. How to cook eggs
  3. How to cook breakfast foods
  4. How to cook beef
  5. How to cook poultry
  6. How to cook pork
  7. Deep frying
  8. Stir frying
  9. Grilling
  10. Preparing healthy snacks

Block 2:

  1. How to cook and prepare fruits
  2. How to make cold and hot soups
  3. Homemade pasta and sauces
  4. How to cook and prepare vegetables
  5. How to prepare salads and dressings
  6. How to prepare hot and cold sandwiches
  7. Basics of baking and pastry, cake decorating
  8. How to bake cookies and decorating techniques
  9. How to bake breads
  10. How to bake pies

Important Note: Any child who misses a class will be given a homework assignment to complete within one week. The assignment will include the skills that were missed. Pictures of the completed assignment are to be submitted to the Instructor before credit is given. No makeup classes will be available. It is the parent and child’s responsibility to turn the assignment in on the next attended class. failure to do makeup homework in a timely manner or excessive absences will result in your child not graduating the program.