09/2022 Master Chef Jr Course Fall 2022 Mondays 6:00PM-8:00PM (10 Classes For Ages 9-15)


A Lifelong Love Of Cooking And The Ultimate Learning Experience For Your Child! (Ages 9-15)

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A Lifelong Love Of Cooking And The Ultimate Learning Experience For Your Child! (Ages 9-15)

When You Sign Up For This Course And Our Spring 2023 Master Baker Jr Course And Complete Both Courses,

You Will Receive: 

    • A Monogrammed Chef Jacket

    • A Chef Hat

    • A Professional Knife Set

    • A Certificate of Completion

    • Graduation Celebration And Dinner

During This Course Your Child Will:

    • Build relationships and work with instructors and other children

    • Learn to cook like a chef

    • Gain an appreciation for many different foods

    • Get away from picky eating

    • Develop and improve fine motor skills

    • Practice reading comprehension and math while learning how to follow directions and recipes

    • Be more creative and self sufficient

    • Learn valuable life skills that will last a lifetime

    • Learn to help Mom and Dad at home

Class Schedule: (Mondays 6PM-8PM)

    • Class 1: September 12th

    • Class 2: September 19th

    • Class 3: September 26th

    • Class 4: October 3rd

    • Class 5: October 24th

    • Class 6: October 31st

    • Class 7: November 7th

    • Class 8: November 14th

    • Class 9: November 28th

    • Class 10: December 5th

Course Curriculum:

Class 1: Knife Skills and Kitchen Safety

    • Proper knife handling and choosing the right knife

    • How to sharpen a knife, knife safety and cleaning and maintaining a knives

    • Basic cuts every cook should know

    • Speed and accuracy

Class 2: How to Prepare Breakfast Foods Part 1

    • Following recipes, food safety, Mise en place, organization, and equipment/utensil use and identification 

    • Clean as you go and maintaining a clutter free workspace

    • The science of an egg and egg preparation methods

    • Fried, boiled, scrambled, & poached eggs

    • Cooking breakfast sides

    • Cooking temperature control

Class 3: How to Prepare Breakfast Foods Part 2

    • Ingredient measuring, weighing, & kitchen math

    • Pancakes and waffles

    • Omelette’s and Frittatas

Class 4: How to Prepare Poultry

    • Handling poultry safely

    • Frying, roasting, braising, and grilling chicken

    • Preparing vegetables and sides

Class 5: How to Prepare Beef and Pork

    • Handling beef and pork safely

    • Marinating and dry rubs

    • Grilling, pan searing, and roasting

 Class 6: How to Prepare Seafood

    • Choosing fresh seafood and how to cook it

    • Frying, roasting, and grilling seafood

    • Seasoning, spices, breading, and batters

    • Sauces

Class 7: How to Prepare Salads, Dressings and Sandwiches

    • The art of the sandwich

    • Preparing cold sandwiches and paninis

    • Preparing salads and dressings

Class 8: How to Prepare Pasta and Sauces

    • Preparing, rolling, and cutting homemade pasta dough

    • Homemade pasta sauces

    • Hand crafted focaccia bread

Class 9: How to Prepare Soups

    • Hot soups, cold soups, and bisques

    • Flavoring techniques

    • Stocks and broths

Class 10: How To Prepare Vegetables, Starches, and Healthy Snacks

    • How to cook vegetables properly

    • Grilling, steaming, and frying vegetables

    • Cooking rice and potatoes

    • Healthy snack preparation 

Please Contact us to request an age accommodation for younger or older children

Please be aware that when you enroll you are making a commitment to complete the 10 class course. Due to prior planning for these classes and the limited space, we cannot accept cancellations unless there are extreme circumstances. If your child cannot finish the course due to serious issues, we will try our best to move him or her to the next class. If a class has to be cancelled we will communicate a makeup date as soon as possible.  

For our class cancellation policy please go to: https://thecuttingedgeclassroom.com/cancellation-policy/

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