2022/08/17 Chicago Style Pizza 6:00PM-8:00PM


Take a pizza lovers trip to Chicago without leaving Knoxville in this fun, hands on, and interactive pizza making class. We will dive “Deep” into how to make that perfect delicious dough, stretch, and shape it to make the perfect crust. Then our Chef will demonstrate how to prepare an amazing sauce to compliment our pizzas. Everyone will get to practice making their own pizzas with fresh toppings of your choice. Then into the oven for a perfect delicious deep dish pizza! Everyone will go home with their very own pizza and there will be plenty to eat during class! Come hungry! Price is for one person Ages 16-Adult.

What You Will Learn:

  • The different flours used in pizza dough

  • How to prepare, ferment, and proof dough

  • Forming dough in a deep dish pan

  • How to prepare the sauce

  • Toppings and layering of ingredients

  • Baking a pizza to perfection

  • Troubleshooting tips

Instructor: Chef John Alunni

Demonstration/Hands On

For our class cancellation policy please go to: https://thecuttingedgeclassroom.com/cancellation-policy/

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