2021/10/09 Chop Like A Chef 11:00AM-1:00PM


Join us for a fun, hands on, and interactive class led by our expert Chef Instructor! Ages 16-Adult.

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Join us for a fun, hands on, and interactive class led by our expert Chef Instructor! We understand that knife skills is a major factor that determines whether cooking is fun or a chore. It’s the one skill that is necessary for safety and proper food preparation at home. lack of knife skills can create a ton of anxiety in just about any home cook. We understand that knives can be dangerous but we also know that they can be used safely and efficiently with a bit of training and practice. We don’t guarantee you will never cut yourself, but in this class we will teach you how to begin the journey to safety and skill. We will teach you how to be safe and have confidence with a knife! When you know how to properly wield the most common tool of the trade your food will taste better and take a lot less time to prepare. In this completely hands on class you will learn how to care for your knives, sharpen them, and most importantly learn and practice proper knife techniques that will make you faster, safer, and the cook you’ve always dreamed of being. Come hungry because our Chef will cook you a meal from the vegetables we use in class! Ages 16-Adult.

You Will Learn About:

  • How to choose the right knife for you

  • Types of cutting boards and which are the best

  • Knife care and sharpening

  • Safety techniques and the bear claw

  • Knife control the way chefs do it

  • Knife use and efficiency

  • Julienne and slice

  • Dice and mince

  • Closing and Q&A

Instructor: Chef John Alunni

Demonstration/Hands On

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