0001/2019 Master Baker JR Series Fall 2019 6:00PM-8:00PM


10 classes packed full of baking skills and techniques! (Ages 8-15)
Our Master Baker JR Series is designed for aspiring young bakers who want to learn how to bake like a Pastry Chef! (The class schedule is listed in the course description)

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10 classes packed full of baking skills and techniques! (Ages 8-15)
Our Master Baker JR Series is designed for aspiring young bakers who want to learn how to bake like a Pastry Chef! All classes are fun, hands on, interactive, and taught by a Pastry Chef in a state of the art kitchen facility! Every graduate will receive a diploma.

Day 1: Brownies and Bars/ Principles of Baking
In this class kids will learn beginning principles of baking and kitchen operation. Then they will use their
new skills to create gooey brownies and delicious bars.

Day 2: Cookies!
From scrumptious chocolate chip cookies to delightfully colorful sugar cookies, kids will continue to
build their baking foundation with tasty cookies! They will also learn how to cut, bake, and decorate
sugar cookies using the flooding method.

Day 3: Amazing Biscuits and Scones
To begin, our Pastry Chef will share secrets for the flakiest biscuits ever. Then we will show kids how to
make a savory corn, cheese, and chive scone, and a sweet variation packed with fruits. Class will wrap
up with kids enjoying their biscuits and scones with some jams, jellies, and flavored sweet butters!

Day 4: Pies and Tarts
Our Pastry Chef will walk kids through the steps for mixing, rolling, shaping, and baking perfectly flaky pie
and tart crusts. We’ll share secrets for transforming seasonal ingredients into scrumptious fillings. Plus,
kids will get hands-on practice making two styles of individual size treats.

Day 5: Amazing Cupcakes
In this fun hands on class, students will learn how to bake moist and fluffy cupcakes. Our Pastry Chef will
demonstrate buttercream piping techniques and students will use these new skills to decorate their own
cupcakes. We will also prepare some fillings to pipe into our cupcakes

Day 6: Everything Cakes
From making batters to baking delicious cakes, students will learn the skills used by expert bakers and
decorators! Kids will also learn decorating techniques, how to color and cut fondant, and some piping
techniques. Every child will decorate their own cake with fondant and buttercream!

Day 7: French Pâtisserie 1
After mastering a few baking fundamentals, kids will learn advanced techniques for creating French
bakery favorites. Our Pastry Chef will walk young bakers through the steps for making choux pastry and
piping perfect éclairs and gougères. Plus, kids will love getting hands-on in the kitchen while preparing
scrumptious pastry cream, filling éclairs, and topping them with a homemade chocolate glaze.

Day 8: French Pâtisserie 2
In this incredible hands on class, kids will learn how to prepare, fill, and decorate French Macarons!
Every child will go home with a box full of their creations!

Day 9: Delicious Doughnuts
In this class our Pastry Chef will walk kids through the process and techniques of making doughnuts from
start to finish. We will prepare airy yeast and cake doughnuts and then glaze, ice, and decorate our
creations! Everyone will go home with a box of doughnuts!

Day 10: Basic Artisan Bread Baking
In this class, students will learn the practicalities and principles of how to bake bread. We will mix and
knead the dough, watch it rise, shape it, bake it, and admire it when it comes out of the oven, golden
and perfect for students to enjoy during class and to take home.

Class Schedule: Fall 2019 (6PM-8PM)
Class 1: August 28th 
Class 2: September 4th 
Class 3: September 11th 
Class 4: September 18th
Class 5: September 25th
Class 6: October 2nd
Class 7: October 16th
Class 8: October 23rd
Class 9: October 30th
Class 10: November 13th

In the event a class must be cancelled, we will re schedule that class on a makeup day.

Instructor: Chef Jocelyn Weatherford