0 Master Baker Jr Course Spring 2022 (10 Classes) 5:00PM-8:00PM


A Lifelong Love Of Baking And The Ultimate Learning Experience For Your Child! (Ages 9-15)

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A Lifelong Love Of Baking And The Ultimate Learning Experience For Your Child! (Ages 9-15)

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When You Sign Up For This Course And Our Fall 2022 Master Chef Jr Course And Complete Both Courses,

You Will Receive: 

  • A Monogrammed Chef Jacket

  • A Chef Hat

  • A Professional Knife Set

  • A Certificate of Completion

  • Graduation Celebration And Dinner

Your Child will:

  • Build relationships while working with Pastry Chef instructors and other children

  • Learn to Bake like a Pastry Chef

  • Gain an appreciation for many different baked foods

  • Develop and improve fine motor skills
  • Enjoy a hands on learning environment

  • Learn many baking and preparation techniques

  • Practice reading comprehension and math while learning how to follow directions and recipes

  • Be more creative and self sufficient

  • Learn valuable life skills that will last a lifetime

  • Learn to help Mom and Dad at home

Class Schedule:

  • Class 1: January 17th

  • Class 2: January 24th

  • Class 3: January 31th

  • Class 4: January 7th

  • Class 5: February 21st

  • Class 6: February 28th

  • Class 7: February 7th

  • Class 8: March 28th

  • Class 9: March 4th

  • Class 10: April 11th

(Contact us to request an age accommodation for younger or older children)

Makeup dates if a class is cancelled are TBA.

Please be aware that when you enroll you are making a commitment to complete the 10 class course. Due to prior planning for these classes and the limited space, we cannot accept cancellations unless there are extreme circumstances. If your child cannot finish the course due to serious issues, we will try our best to move him or her to the next class.