Home School Classes

Home School Kids LOVE our classes because they are fun, interesting, interactive, and hands on! (Ages 7-15)

  • Bring your chef in training to us!
  • Kids will prepare foods hands on!
  • Kids will eat foods that are prepared in class!
  • The only thing to bring is a willingness to learn!
  • Classes include all utensils, ingredients, supplies, and a chef hat!

A perfect place for Home School children to sharpen cooking skills and stir-up creativity!

Not only do students experience new foods and preparation techniques, but our classes are designed to expand learning into the areas of math, science, history and important cognitive skills. Parents love watching as their “young chef” grows with confidence and knowledge while creating amazing foods at home and develop life-long skills while having FUN!

Our Chef Instructors demonstrate, encourage, and assist while teaching valuable skills including:
* Kitchen safety and cleaning
* Proper food handling and safety
* Food preparation
* Cooking and baking techniques
* Presentation and food styling
* Equipment and cookware use
* Manners and teamwork
* Self efficacy and critical thinking
* And so much more!

**Please register for classes a minimum of two days prior to the class date so we can be sure to have enough ingredients available for your child**

**Students enrolled late will not be able to attend class and will be moved to the next weeks class**

Our Homeschool Classes are fun, educational, and hands on!  Kids learn cooking skills and techniques, social skills, organization, safety and confidence!

Please arrive 15 minutes early so class may start on time.

Please read the class policies, procedures, and guidelines available at the bottom of our website page for dress code and other important information!  Also, please print and complete the waiver form and bring it to class.  All forms can be found under the forms needed link at the bottom of our website.

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